Bio: Bringing You Fresh Flowers for Every Holiday, Every Occasion Since the Beginning of time cultures have flourished around rivers. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all used flowers for arrangement and adornment. Floral design and plant life is an added element of cultural benefit for every community. Flowers add beauty and meaning to living, they promote a reverence for life. Everyone deserves flowers. Everyone loves flowers and plants. Flowers can soften the coarsest heart. In a land of green and grey, wind and harsh cold, flowers create their own magic. At Braided River Floral Design and Décor flowers are hand-tied or wrapped by trained floristry methods. Whether it is that extra special gift you are looking for or event flowers, Braided River can provide what you need. It is my desire to create a business with an aura of conviviality and a power to make people feel at home with tribute to passionate local ideas, feelings and places. I am a florist who cares. My goal is a dedication to quality fresh seasonal flowers, beautiful design of varied style and excellent customer service; a large range of design, flora for events and friendly service. Easy order on line, by phone or walk-in. Free delivery, except when upper level roads are icy. Braided River seeks to impart a sense of thoughtfulness and elegance, serenity, busy creativity and productivity to its customers. It seeks to be a place where customer’s participation in consultation results in a realized dream, no matter how small a dream it may be. Braided River Floral intends to creating a climate for discovery in gardens and horticulture offering educational opportunity and partnering with others to present community events. Braided River maintains an “Old Time” feel, with the elegance of years gone by; a time when the work of craftsmen was desired, the artisan was honored. Local artists are honored at Braided River and the colorful history of Cordova and its individuals is uplifted and honored, featuring seasonal stories and placards of those who contributed to Cordova’s uniqueness. My business philosophy embraces Cordova recycling, upcycling and reuse with a goal of 85 % items reusables. I will offer recycling of floristry materials! Want to get rid of old vases, scraps of ribbon, colored tape or wire? Braided River has a recycling barrel! In a city where landfill potential has been of utmost concern for many years it is time to lead the way in business practice, to lesson and eliminate waste. Braided River will seek to create possibilities for change for a greener Cordova. I want to help others merge with the environs of Cordova through art and flora, to bring awareness of the environs of Cordova-- The Marine zones; beach, intertidal and benthic pathways of migration of the species we love, The Alpine forest; flora fauna and visual panorama, Delta; the grasses and plants, species and their cycles, the rivers and streams; life supporting water and the beauty of its journey, the importance of our rivers sloughs, trickling streams, fast rushing creeks, deep and shallow lakes and their relationships with estuaries and tributaries.

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